Happy iNDS 2014!

Yep! You now how we do! Sitewide sale and activities and goodies and…the list goes on. The more you snag the more you save! Pretty snazzy eh? And because we love + appreciate you guys so much and in the iNSD spirit…we cooked up this collab FREEbie for ya. There's no better time to get your learn on over at Scrapaneers! Brows the discounted class list to see which one is a perfect for for you! […]

Life Story April Collection + Class Winner!

Well my creative friends, We're going to wrap up the Life Story April collection! All new releases are 30% off through Sunday so take a look at what's new! Firstly we have the April Life Story Bundle No.2. In this second bundle you have your essentials. All the little details that you can add to pull your projects together. Included is a set of life 'pocket protector' templates. I like these because they are super simple to use. I wanted pocket scrapbooking to be easy with no need to worry about going over or under pocket layers. There's subtle protector dash borders to host your pocket scrapbook designs! […]

Feature Week Winners + One More Chance!

Holla friends! I hope you all are having a fantabulous Friday so far!!! I’m sad and excited at the same time. Sad because It’s not my feature week anymore …sniff… BUT, I have a new releases in the shop + more today which totally makes up for it! Let’s just get […]

Feature Week Day 6, a Peek + a Chance

I’m baaak! (sounding like a sheep lol!) I wanted to say a big huge THANK YOU to the three ladies who came to my chat! No seriously, it was three ladies. And you know what? I’m totally ok with that! We chatted, goofed, I shared two mini kits with them […]

Feature Week Day 5 + a glitter tip

Hello, hello! It’s day 5 of My feature week and today I wanted to talk about Glitter! Now, I love glitter, It doesn’t have to be over the top or raunchy. No, in fact, it can be very classy and sophisticated. (Although, If I could grow wings and throw globs […]

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Feature Week Day 4 + Winners!

Hello my crafty friends!!! Last post I asked you guys to list your 5 KD Wishlist kits! I loved looking at all the choices and sometimes I would go into my shop and look at the ones you chose. Refreshing my memory on how I felt when creating the kits. […]

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Feature Week Day 2 – 5&5

Gentle women and gents; it’s time for 5&5! I like winning things. Somehow I know you do too! So here is your chance to win some stuff k?


Firstly, to win a $5 gift card to my shop head on over to the P&Co. blog post and get to know me […]

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Feature Week + Hop Happiness!

Hello friends! My Semi Annual Designer Sale begins today! There’s a lot to go over & show so I’m not going to waste any time getting started! First off…

Everything from alpha essentials to life collections are on sale now through April 10! 

During my feature week I will have a total […]

A Spring Peek + a Chance

Yes, you’re in the right place ^_^ It’s been months since I’ve lent my voice here and look…everything is still the same! The new site will come later so for now, we gotta get ready for one fantabulous feature week!

Oh yeah bébé! This friday it’s on but that doesn’t mean […]

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In Progress, BRB

I have outgrown my little place here and need to make some changes. The new site will be up and running soon! Good news, the designs aren’t stopping! Stay connected with KD Design through:



Subscribe to my blog  via my sidebar! —>

YAY! See you in a bit and thanks!


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