Life Story April Collection + Class Winner!


Well my creative friends, We’re going to wrap up the Life Story April collection! All new releases are 30% off through Sunday so take a look at what’s new!

Firstly we have the April Life Story Bundle No.2


In this second bundle you have your essentials. All the little details that you can add to pull your projects together. Included is a set of life ‘pocket protector’ templates. I like these because they are super simple to use. I wanted pocket scrapbooking to be easy with no need to worry about going over or under pocket layers. There’s subtle protector dash borders to host your pocket scrapbook designs!

If you didn’t snag Bundle No.1 already then save BIG and grab the complete collection!


That’s 12 kits all about spring, beginnings and all things beautiful. Plus, you have a ton of goodness for any day. I really hope you enjoy! Here’s some inspo for us!

Thanks so much ladies!!! Last post I held a contest. If you purchased Bundle No.1 then you automatically were entered to win my Scrapaneers class: Krafting with Karla! THANK YOU for all your support! The Random {Dot} Org winner is…


Congrats darling! Please look out for my email! If any of you are interested in taking my class and getting this exclusive collection


Come check out my class page for more information! Thanks again and I’ll be back in a flash!


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Feature Week Winners + One More Chance!


Holla friends! I hope you all are having a fantabulous Friday so far!!! I’m sad and excited at the same time. Sad because It’s not my feature week anymore …sniff… BUT, I have a new releases in the shop + more today which totally makes up for it! Let’s just get right to it shall we? Say hello to the Life Story | April ’14 Bundle No.1 (whew, that was long) kit!


Whoa! Ok, this is the first Bundle in my Life Story April collection. There’s six kits in this sucker with the individual kits available also: Elements, Papers, Stamp Sheet, Buttons, Wood Chip Cards and Glitters.And remember when I said there would be a first from me? Yeah, well these are them :)

the wood chip cards

I’ve always loved the look of wood pieces and wanted so badly to create some for this collection. There are these cards and you can also find a bit off wood chipies in the elements as well. Super Stoked on how they turned out! I hope you all like them too! Here is some April bundle inspiration!

Lots of eye candy in this post. Dude, I think I rubbed my eyes like twice already lol! Now, this IS a new release so that means all the individual kits and the bundle are all 30% off through Sunday! YAY! And the reeeeeally cool part is that I’m about to announce some winners.

Last post I asked this question for the win: What is your favorite social media outlet? I have to say, I really enjoyed reading each and every one of your comments. I loved the fact that a lot of you use Facebook to keep up with loved ones who are far away and couldn’t really do so as efficiently otherwise. On the other hand, some of you roll over Facebook with a monster truck, twice, because it’s a hot A** mess. I get both sides. Other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram were also favorited. And then there were few who avoided social media sites all together. Taking the zen way. I super totally get it :)

I choose Facebook (for now) for one reason only. It’s easiest for me. I do NOT like the fan page part of it. I think it’s so wrong that out of all of my followers each post I get may, at most, reach half that….on a good day. That erks me to the core. But it’s familiar to me. I’m really wanting to get started with Pinterest. That’s my next step. And you guys are right…if you don’t have good resolve you can be sucked in to Pinterest bliss and not come out for hours. Dangerous! lol…

So…with all that said, here are the Random {Dot} Org winners of the Life Story | April Bundle No.1 kit


kd_april14_winer1 crazy






Congrats ladies! Be on the lookout for my email! Crazy how they ended liking three different ones ^_^


I have one last hurrah for you all! Are you ready? If you purchase the Bundle kit, you automatically get entered to win a seat in my Scrapaneers Class: Krafting With Karla!!!!!!


If you dig my design and you dig my pages then this class is totally for you because in this class you get inside my head. I teach how I create the layouts that I do. My methods, techniques and thoughts behind it all. So…there you have it! Get the kit and you just might win the class! You must purchase the Bundle by next Thursday, April 17 10:30pm PT for a chance to win. I will announce the winners on Friday ^_^

Good luck, Thank You and Enjoy!


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Feature Week Day 6, a Peek + a Chance


I’m baaak! (sounding like a sheep lol!) I wanted to say a big huge THANK YOU to the three ladies who came to my chat! No seriously, it was three ladies. And you know what? I’m totally ok with that! We chatted, goofed, I shared two mini kits with them and all was well in Dudley land. So yes, I just wanted to give a shot out to those gals…thank you…

Other than trying, and failing miserably, to make the rest of you feel bad…I have some stuff happening you simply don’t want to miss ^_^

  • A friendly reminder to comment here with your favorite KD Kit. You can snag a $5 GC! 
  • Then there’s participating in this challenge! It’s a 3 Ways Challenge using the Sup? kit. You can win up to 40% off and a chance for a guest spot!



  • And then there’s this chance to win some new goodies…


I have a whopping release this Friday which includes a first ever from me. For a chance win please comment to this post with the answer to this one question:

What is your favorite social media outlet? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Google +? Undecided? What in the world is a media outlet?…

There you have it! You now have three things on your crafty to-do list ^_^ Note that the comments for Fridays release will close on Thursday 10:30pm PT. Thanks so much everyone and I will see you super soon!



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Feature Week Day 5 + a glitter tip



Hello, hello! It’s day 5 of My feature week and today I wanted to talk about Glitter! Now, I love glitter, It doesn’t have to be over the top or raunchy. No, in fact, it can be very classy and sophisticated. (Although, If I could grow wings and throw globs of glitter on them I would in a heart beat. Just sayin’)

My love for glitter with crafting started years ago back when I was creating traditional projects. I would add a bit here and a little there. Now that I’m a digital designer I’m ecstatic that I can bring that same love back through Photoshop layer styles!

Some of you dig the glitter styles I have been releasing but have some questions on how they work. Forgive me for not putting this tutorial together from the jump. That was a silly oversight. But I’m here now to tell you how to get your glitters looking their best when resizing your page. Here we go!



Thats it! Glitter is perfect to add subtle sparkly detail to your pages! Try glitter styles on stickers, cards, papers, and embellies. So much fun to add some glam to your creations!!! Simply be on the layer/design you want to have glittered and in your STYLES pallet click on the glitter or gloss glitter of your choice. Then, if you follow the tips above, you can have sparkle goodness on your resized pages too! Contact me if you have any questions and enjoy!



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Feature Week Day 4 + Winners!



Hello my crafty friends!!! Last post I asked you guys to list your 5 KD Wishlist kits! I loved looking at all the choices and sometimes I would go into my shop and look at the ones you chose. Refreshing my memory on how I felt when creating the kits. It was fun! Thank you!!!!!

So, without waisting any more time…here are Random {Dot} Org the winners!








Congrats ladies!!! You both got your wish kits! Every last one!!! Be on the lookout for my email! I really appreciate the love that you and everyone else have giving me!!!!

Now…a couple more things. First, if you want to hang out with me and if you’re in the mood for some KD goodies then come to my CHAT tonight at 9pm PT! I will be there with bells on so I hope you can make it!!!

As far as tomorrow? Well, I have a little tutorial for you that I cooked up. It’s been a while ^_^ There’s plenty more to come so stay tuned! 

Later darlings!!!


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